10 Events in History Assassin’s Creed Should Look Into

With Assassin’s Creed Empire rumored to be dropping in 2017 and it being set in Egypt which has got everyone salivating with the further leaked news of a trilogy as well as the return to traditional warfare similar to the first games in the franchise and in fact even more primal. This may be the moment that revives this dying franchise so we have decided to list 10 more potential historical settings which have the potential to create a grand Assasin’s Creed game.

World War 1

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World War 1 is a potentially great location with modern weaponry still at its dawn it will allow for the Assassin to still dominate without the need of an OP handgun of some sort. Despite World War 1 being known as the war of the trenches however there were hundreds if not thousands of sieges of towns a famous one being that of the Battle of Liege which is considered the first major battle in the war where 70,000 Belgium troops managed to defeat 320,000 Germans despite being outnumbered and suffering from a technological disadvantage. As well as to add the Battle of the Somme which was 2 years long (not kidding) and was a complete bloodbath with over 1 million soldiers dying.